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Fail-proof strategies to crush your biggest goals. No kidding...

We all have quirks. I like to think of them as the things that set us apart and make us different from everyone else, I guess that’s only a good thing if you like being different than everybody else - which I do!


Unlock your potential NOW!


Here are some of my personal quirks!


I love the whip cream on top of my cinnamon dolce latte more than the latte itself. I always ask for just 1 pump of the cinnamony (is this a word?!) sweetener, of the 5 they include, because I don’t like my coffee too sweet. I ask for almond milk because I think it’s better for me than all that dairy. Then - things go south. As soon as the barista asks me if I still want the whip cream on top, assuming I won’t, I give them my most enthusiastic “heck yeah I do"! And I eat it all off the top immediately. It's my version of stopping to smell the roses.


I am a champion for optimism and hate (a strong word, I know, but I absolutely hate) seeing another person endure pain or suffering. So, I encourage positive thinking. I am often able to flip another’s the difficult situation into something more meaningful. I love to laugh, I believe in others and I love people hard - but...I fall into the dark side pretty easily actually. For some reason, I struggle to be my own cheerleader. Come on!!!! It takes me so much self-awareness and pain-staking effort to coach myself out of a bad space. I can do it, but it’s super hard and I often need help. Ugh..


I consider cleaning my house to be legit cardio. I sprint around, multi-tasking (even though I advise against it!) and get side-tracked in the way a mouse might if you gave him a cookie! But, by the time I am done, I’ve completed a 2-hour productive cardio session and I feel freaking GREAT about it. 


I am a Friends junkie. My hubby and I know every line before our “friends” even speak. We usually snuggle in front of an episode most nights before bed for some laughs. Yes, we have a tv in the bedroom - no it hasn’t ruined our marriage. It’s the only show I even watch (other than catching up on the occasional chick-flick on an airplane, which is rare, considering I am usually writing) and it’s our thing. I love it.


I use talk-to-text to do pretty much anything I can on my smartphone. My close friends tease me that I am a secret agent every time I hold the phone close to my lips and speak into it. I do this as a public service really, it makes people forget about themselves long enough to make fun of me...and talk-to-text does produce some pretty entertaining auto-correct situations!

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