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You know, the one you’ve been telling yourself for years? The one about how you grew up poor, how you didn’t get into college, how you were abused, that you have an illness controlling your life…the story about how you lacked good parents or that you’re too old to start pursuing your lifelong passion or that you’re not as good at dancing as everyone else!

What impact does your story have on you? Does it inspire and engage you or does it disempower you?

We all have a story. Don’t let yours bury you.

Most of us have been telling ourselves the same story for far too long and unfortunately, we tend to focus on the negative implications our story has on our lives rather than how we can use it and the lessons that come with it in a meaningful way. We blame the things that have happened to us for holding us back and slowly become caged and complacent. We forget that we have the power to own our story. We dismiss the fact that we can CHOOSE the meaning we assign and get out from underneath our story. Finally.


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We can’t control what has happened to us in our past but we can control our responses and reactions to those events with a little practice:

*Next time you feel discouraged by or victimized by your story, pause and try to identify what specific pain points trigger you to react. Write them down.

*Once you know your triggers, plan in advance, how you will respond (rather than react) next time they show up.

*Evaluate how you feel after choosing your response over being controlled by your knee jerk retaliations. Make adjustments as needed.

*Look for something positive/teachable to take away from your trials to change the way your story affects you.

Transform the way you view your story to live a more empowered, purposeful life.

You’ve got this!



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