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Hello, I'm Jenne!

I'm insane about your success. I am the one who'll go all-in, push you hard and tell you EXACTLY how to create and monetize your dream offer - nothing is off limits with us, okay? I don't relate to coaches who deal "transactionally" with clients, separating themselves between sessions and puttering along one slow step at a time - why take the stairs when you can take the elevator? We are in this together for better or worse (but obviously, for better!). Let's create a business + offer that will change lives.

My Story

In a nutshell (the good nuts pistachios) I live in rural Ontario with my family - a fun-loving, emotionally intelligent, rock star, quirky bunch of Todds! We are dog freaks & think our dog is an actual human...

My mindset is a work-in-progress strengthened by constantly adjusting my sails. I squeeze every drop out of life & always have - I move fast, leave no stone unturned and I value the real, authentic, messy moments in life as powerful opportunities for expansion. I believe that high levels of success result from investing in oneself & going all-in and that's what I've done so I can model the way for you! I am one of only a few hundred Certified High Performance Coaches (mentored directly by Brendon Burchard) in the world. I take coaching seriously, working with the best in the industry.

I know who I am and have had to learn the hard way to know who I am not. I seek deep connection, I fall hard & laugh wildly. I thrive in high energy situations but love the stillness of the morning.

I am a recovering people pleaser/fixer turned fire-starter. I am almost always towing the line of deep discomfort to push myself and others to grow & evolve. I operate with a sense of gratitude + joy that attracts & energizes others.​

Professionally... I am an educator at heart, but I've had to find my voice. I serve others with great care and intention by always being direct & challenging growth.

I know what it takes to create a life that you're crazy about & how to bridge from a conventional lifestyle to a passionate existence and I promise you, it's not working harder or taking another online course or cracking another business development book! It's more purpose-filled than you think.


Text me: 519-608-2725

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