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You know that feeling when you meet someone new & know right away that you need more of them in your life but you don’t want to come on too strong?! That’s exactly how I feel right now – excitedly nervous, knowing that we have the chance to really connect and learn from one another…and I have a bunch of crazy ideas on how to do that! Stay with me here…they’re all centred around YOU.

As a lifelong entrepreneur (I got my first cash register at a yard sale at the tender age of 6 *for free* after some quality negotiating), I’ve come to respect business as a way of meeting new people and building awesomely unexpected relationships!

I love studying what makes people thrive. I love helping people re-gain control over their time. Do you ever wonder why some people easily connect with others in both business and life, why some people pursue wild success and why some people are naturally motivated to take ACTION? I ask these questions A LOT and the answers will surprise you!


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I know for a fact that you don’t give yourself enough credit. I have a huge heart to help you believe in yourself and if you stick around long enough, you just might start.

I know that your time is limited and I won’t be the one to waste it. I regularly unsubscribe from emails that seem insincere - you won't see that here. I acknowledge our presence in your inbox as a massive privilege & hope to serve you in a way that speaks to you...I want you to enjoy our time together! I am passionate…okay...obsessive, about delivering great content that will introduce you to habits associated with emotional and financial freedom and living with a deeper purpose.

So excited to share this experience with you! Thanks for saying YES!

P.S. I hope you’ll join the conversation and community of like-minded thinkers on the Shift Collective FB and Instagram pages! Your story counts.


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