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Maybe you are into in-depth journaling...amazing! Here are some questions to really get you going! 

Asking the right questions is key!

Overcoming roadblocks, to success, to creating self-awareness and to live with greater intention. No more winging it and believe me, I used to be the QUEEN of winging it. When we are truly aware of what is important to us, we start to live in alignment with our truth and values. We become less chaotic, cluttered and bitter. We experience more joy, energy and satisfaction.

We all just need to SLOW DOWN.

Here are some prompts to trigger some great inner dialogue – so grab a tea (okay, let’s be real – you’re going to need wine for this exercise) so...grab a tasty beverage, find a quiet spot (have fun with could be the kids' treehouse a spot on the grass, the bathtub or even a closet will do) and get down to work!



Do you use being busy to define yourself/ your worth? Do you often tell others you’re too busy?

What does “too busy” feel like in your mind & body? Where do you feel it? How does it show up?

What types of things make you feel like you’re taking time for yourself?

What do you miss out on when you neglect to take time for yourself?

What activities make you feel too busy?

For each activity, write down why you do it if it’s necessary that YOU do it (ie. it brings you joy, aligns with your highest values, etc) and what would happen if you didn’t do it:

Who would you be if you created more time for yourself? Who would notice?

What steps will you take to create more time for yourself by next week? What will you do?


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