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Robin Roberts, a television personality, in an interview a few years ago made this statement; “Are you the star of your own life?” She emphasized that many people are not the star of their own life but are only at best a “supporting actor”.

Of course, she was using movies as a metaphor for our lives. Supporting actors play a role in the story but it is the Star that controls the direction and outcome of the plot. Consider your own life for a moment. Are you taking control of the direction in which it’s moving or are you allowing others to make that decision for you?

For example, well-meaning people may have pushed you out of that starring role by convincing you that their idea is what is best for you. This may have gone on for so long that you have lost confidence and are afraid to make any major decisions for yourself. It is important to have input and dialogue with others we trust when making a major decision but be assured; the final analysis in the decision is yours and yours alone. 

Or perhaps a major event or some type of trauma has t-boned you in such a way that it changed your narrative and is forcing you to live life through the haze of your past instead of the clarity of a future that has not been marred. All of our tomorrows are pristine. They only become clouded by what we drag into it.


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Choosing what is simply acceptable, or adequate for your life instead of what is “best” for your life can also knock you out of that starring role. A life of mediocrity is not why you are here. Mediocrity and a supporting role are married to one another. Many times impatience or fear will seduce us into accepting the adequate instead of waiting a little longer for that which is the “best” to arrive.

You can’t put a price on your life. It is that valuable. Recently a scientific calculation was made of the odds of any of us being born (Dr. Ali Binazir). Included in the calculation were natural disasters, major events, our parents meeting one another, the location of our birth, our DNA, etc.      

The number spit out was…wait for it…“1 in 400 trillion.” In comparison the odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in 700,000. That number is so astronomical that it means basically zero chance of you being here. Go ahead and put a value on how unique you are. It’s impossible. Your life is priceless. The fact that each one of us have made it against such odds and are walking upright on terra firma is a pretty solid argument that each one of us is meant to be here, don’t you think? What a waste of impossible odds if you choose to only play a supporting role in your life when it was created specifically for you.

You are destined to be here. Give a hip check to whatever it is that has crowded you out and take back your podium. Reclaim your title as the “Star” of your life. Ferociously accept nothing less! 

Philip Wright


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