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You know that feeling when you meet someone new & know right away that you need more of them in your life but you don’t want to come on too strong?! That’s exactly how I feel right now – excitedly nervous, knowing that we have the chance to really connect and learn from one another…and I have a bunch of crazy ideas on how to do that! Stay with me here…they’re all centred around YOU. As a lifelong entrepreneur (I got my first cash register at a yard sale at the tender age of 6 *for free* after some quality negotiating), I’ve come to respect business as a way of meeting new people and building awesomely unexpected relationships! I love studying what makes people thrive. I love helping people re-gain control over their time. Do you ever wonder why some people easily connect with others in both business and life, why some people pursue wild success and why some people are naturally motivated to take ACTION? I ask these questions A LOT and the answers will surprise you! Click HERE to learn more about this FREE 5 day course! Learn more HERE! I know for a fact that you don’t give yourself enough credit. I have a huge heart to help you believe in yourself and if you stick around long enough, you just might start. I know that your time is limited and I won’t be the one to waste it. I regularly unsubscribe from emails that seem insincere - you won't see that here. I acknowledge our presence in your inbox as a massive privilege & hope to serve you in a way that speaks to you...I want you to enjoy our time together! I am passionate…okay...obsessive, about delivering great content that will introduce you to habits associated with emotional and financial freedom and living with a deeper purpose. So excited to share this experience with you! Thanks for saying YES! P.S. I hope you’ll join the conversation and community of like-minded thinkers on the Shift Collective FB and Instagram pages! Your story counts.


We do business with people we know, like & trust... Perhaps you're already aware of this, but do you know how to convey your superpowers to others? What types of people are you interested in doing business with? Follow this simple template to build a killer bio for your website, social media or to casually insert parts into a conversation! Hammering this out helps you to know what to say when building new relationships too! Template: I love serving others... Most days you can find me... I am mostly known for... My greatest strengths are... I love serving others by... I am super passionate about... This is how I show up differently than others in my industry... As a leader, I’ve received international awards for my team-building skills and have been asked to teach others my secret sauce for success, which I love to do."
the others...gently unravelling their stories & helping them to see their worth. My friends joke that I like to “pick up chicks” because I usually come home...from anywhere store, hockey arena...even Kijiji transactions with a new friend - and it makes me happy. Want to know how you can level up your biz in just 5 DAYS?! Click HERE! Invest in yourself and your business TODAY! Share your Story! "Hi there, I’m Jenne.
Most days you can find me typing away on my laptop (peanut butter latte close by - I know, right?!), dreaming up new dreams or connecting with others...gently unraveling their stories & helping them to see their worth. My friends joke that I like to “pick up chicks” because I usually come home...from anywhere store, hockey arena...even Kijiji transactions with a new friend - and it makes me happy. I am a lover of quaint coffee shops & anything local. I can’t make it through a seasonal WestJet commercial without crying. I love dogs...the bigger & lazier, the better. I love people. I am known for my laugh because it's a little wild, my enthusiasm, my heart for others, my resiliency, my love of travel, my sense of independence & my hunger for education. I love serving the world by really taking the time to see and understand people. I value relationships deeply & LOVE everything entrepreneurship! This has filtered to my 11-year old daughter through osmosis - she hopes to own 7 companies when she grows up. I am passionate about empowering others to create a lifestyle they love, starting with my family. I have a hubby who believes in me (even when I forget how to believe in myself), 3 strong girls & a son who is all boy. I teach and inspire women in business who want more & are navigating their next move. I have been in business for 15 years & hope to be a lifetime’s my love language. As a leader, I’ve received international awards for my team-building skills and have been asked to teach others my secret sauce for success, which I love to do." Share yours in our Transformation Team Facebook group!


It's time to SHIFT gears girl! The Top 3 Things Holding you Back from Building Better Relationships: 1. You focus on YOURSELF more than you do on other people: You talk about yourself/your interests more than you ask questions & LISTEN. You think it's about YOU - which makes you feel insecure when meeting & getting to know new people. Make it more about others & you'll set yourself apart as someone who truly cares. Listen to people's needs & think of ways you can help them. This builds trust & relationships. You are distracted when communicating - on your smartphone or scanning the coffee shop for other people, for example, when you're together... Click HERE to find out more! Click HERE to find out more! 2. You AVOID human contact at all cost: No seriously though, you look down at your phone while waiting in the grocery store line-up instead of interacting with others - you just might change someone's day by getting chatty in line or by offering a sincere compliment...and make waiting go quicker for you both! I've met the best people in line-ups and even done business with some of them! You text, PM or email instead of calling friends, customers, clients, volunteers, teachers, coaches, etc - GET ON THE PHONE and make a real connection! I promise, it's worth it! You put your to-do list ahead of maintaining connection with people. Block off one hour per week to invite a contact/friend to breakfast, coffee...or wine! 3. You tell yourself you are SHY...and believe it: I hate to tell you, friend, but you're letting your ego run the show. Shyness is a huge ego trip! Even if talking to new people is difficult for you, you can do it. Start small and PRACTICE. Put yourself in situations that force you to practice...even if just making small talk with a colleague for 2 minutes. Do it...even if it feels uncomfortable! It will get easier. You are believing lies (you're not good at conversation, you are too quiet, you don't know what to say, you don't like the sound of your squeaky voice! Whatever!). There are ways to overcome these false beliefs - book a consultation! You make plans to attend functions with friends/colleagues and then bail last minute out of fear of having to face new people. Again, this is a matter of practice. You have got this. Force yourself a few times to get out of your own way and it'll become easier. If you loved this content, please share it with your friends!


I know, I know, you’re telling yourself that you don’t have time to journal - for the love of Beyonce, you barely have time to grocery shop & do the laundry! Maybe you're telling yourself that you don’t like journaling -  that you’ve tried it before and have never been able to stick with it. I want to let you in on my best secret for creating the results of journaling in a fraction of the time…this one has got stickability, I promise! I want this to be something that you actually LOVE doing! I have been doing this for years and I call it my “sprouts journal”. As you likely already know, I have always been very time-aware and for me to commit to something new, it’s got to be worth it, efficient and quick to get results. What is a sprouts journal? It’s a dollar store note pad and your favourite pen…the pen judgement and stop laughing! It does! It needs to glide easily and beautifully and have a little bling on it...and something inspirational written on it. I know, crazy amazing. My sprouts journal is part of both my bedtime and morning routines and can take less than a minute to complete. Before bed, it involves intentionally thinking of the things I am grateful for during my day – these are my “sprouts” – they don’t have to be life-altering or mega milestones – you're after simplicity here! I write down the small things that made my day great, like the stranger who told me my hair looked nice, the way the foam on top of my morning cappuccino made a little heart (the one time I didn’t “try” to style the foam that way!), the nice text my hubby sent to me at lunch that made me feel good. These little things matter and add up! Great things are happening all around you and when you start to notice them – you begin to realize that life is happening FOR you, rather than to you. You get more of what you focus on, so focus on the GOOD. In the morning, I re-read my sprouts from the night before to start my day on a positive note and focus my intention on how I want to show up for myself and others that day. It’s super simple, yet the results are profound. Click HERE to find out more! Ask us today about Rock Your Biz! Here are some ideas to get you thinking: Bedtime Sprouts Compliments Someone you made a meaningful connection with Awesome conversations Enjoyable meals Someone who helped you/ you helped All the traffic lights turned green when you were running behind You got a new job Your kid hit a homerun at baseball A stranger smiled at you Setting Morning Intentions Start with affirmations I attract great people into my life I see the best in other people I am a good listener Determine who you need to show up for I will greet my kids with enthusiasm and patience this morning I will express understanding with my team I will be aware of negative self-talk and show love to myself Like any new habit, you have to keep focused on developing it at first, so I recommend setting a reminder on your phone about 15 minutes before you hit the sack - this will also get you focused on getting to bed on time because we know how important sleep is!


Ever think that telling your story bores others? That it feels whiny, self-indulgent, boastful? Perspective is everything! Your Story Matters. Knowing and sharing your story can be a powerful tool for both personal growth and for helping others connect with their own story…I don’t mean sharing the pain points of your life over and over with anyone who is willing to listen, but with the intention of developing deep meaning and connection. Many of us were taught as kids, not to “complain” about our stories – to be tough, to not speak about the "bad" things. What if we spoke about them with a purpose to seek deeper meaning and understanding? While I’m all for moving forward and not going on like a broken record about your past (please be aware of social cues that indicate you’ve gone too far with your share – eye rolling, people slowly backing away, people taking fake phone calls...people running and screaming…you know, just the usual), sharing parts of your story with those going through similar things can be an awesome way to relate and connect…provided we first listen. So, I ask you, friend, what is YOUR story? Knowing your story and how to articulate is can help you to take back your power of the things about it that maybe you’ve allowed to define you. If this resonates with you and sounds like the permission you have been unknowingly looking for to let it all out – take it and run with it like you’re on fire! Click HEREto unlock your potential and level up your biz! Gimme the DETAILS! A few ideas to start connecting with your story: ONE Who has been one of the greatest influences in your life? What about this person influenced you the most? What qualities did this person embody? What qualities about this person do you aspire to? TWO What is one of your favourite memories as a child? Why do you remember it so fondly? Do you make the space to do things like this now? How do you feel when you do things like this? How do you feel (what does it cost you) when you don’t do things like this? THREE Who did you seek attention from most as a child? How did that person make you feel? Who did you want to be for that person? How did this shape your character? What parts of your character still reflect this part of your story? FOUR What has been the most challenging situation to overcome in your life? Have you done the hard work to truly overcome this event? What about it was/is holding you back? What does life look like to no longer identify with this event? Do you define yourself by this event? WHO are you, without it?


I know what you are thinking..."What can you tell me that I have not heard before"? I totally get it. Maybe this time it's about unlearning something, about letting go of habits that no longer serve you, rather than gaining new knowledge. I am a little embarrassed about my past, but I am going to share anyway - because I want to help. People have asked me for years how I manage to get so much done in a day...and I used to thrive on comments like this (face-palm). Yes, that was me - the girl wearing my busy badge of honour, right on my forehead, thinking that I was a badass lady-ninja doing all the things, working circles around people...and I was - at a significant cost: my health and my family. Here's the crazy thing, my health and my family are my two main priorities, but if you were to take a look inside of my life, you would have never known it. I am pretty uncomfortable with this statement now, but that's okay,discomfort drives change. It's not easy to come clean, but I know that I'm not alone and we need to talk about this. I hope this really speaks to you if you're in this boat too...okay even if you're swimming in the same Do you have a cottage on the lake? Do you have a friend with a cottage on the lake? Are you picking up what I'm laying down, here?!! (I'm jumping up and down) Sell the boat, sell your swimsuit, sell the cottage, sell your friend (okay, don't do that...) stock the lake with piranhas and get the heck outta there - NOW! you are on fire, because eventually, you will be and you'll be burning out and burning down. I can't let you do that to yourself. Nope, not on my watch. I hope that you just laughed out loud and snorted a little because laughter is awesome, but for real, commit to taking this message to heart - ask yourself the hard questions (or...plug...pursue coaching with us and we can help!) and make the changes necessary to keep your number one priorities...well...number ONE! This mindset SHIFT will change your life, relationships, success and can even change your income, dramatically - so listen up! Time is your most important non-renewable resource and you don't want to waste it on things that don't matter. Being busy does not make you productive and certainly does not make you more important, like I once believed. YOU are not what you do. You also don't want to spend it all (think of it as currency) pleasing other people or saying yes to things out of alignment with your core values. Decide what your main priorities are (I call these your BEST YESes!) and then structure your time around them. This is a whole other topic that deserves its own platform, so for now, let's work on simplifying your life. Here are some instant, time-saving tips that you can put into practice immediately. Friend, DO NOT entertain any excuses that might come up as you contemplate this list. DECIDE that you are all-in and work toward getting on track so you can free up time to spend on your best YESes and live into alignment with WHO you are. Click HERE to find out how you can level up business with ROCK YOUR BIZ! Click HERE to find out more! Here are 6 easy and effective ways to re-claim your time! 1. Get a planner & make a plan - if you don't have a plan for your time, someone else will! Say this out loud a few times to let it sink in! I spend about 10-15 minutes every Sunday night/ Monday morning going over my schedule, making sure I am doing the things that I need to do and outsourcing (empowering others!) to do the things that I don't need to do. This doesn't have to cost money, be creative - find people to trade with, involve your family, etc. 2. Meal plan & prep! Only hit the grocery store ONE time per week (going more than this costs you extra money AND time). And...only hit the parking lot if possible. If you live in a community where online grocery ordering is available - let go of the control and DO IT! It is awesome!!! Yes, your produce will be great! Yes, you can get organic, Yes, you'll get a refund if something isn't to your standards! Do it, do it, do it! When you get your groceries home, prep the produce, prep meals lunches and even smoothies, I have my kids put crackers, pepperettes, cut produce, etc. into little zip locks/containers for the entire week so it's quick & easy to grab & go in the morning. 3. Have a family meeting. Talk about your collective goals so that you have a united plan, one of them being the fact that you want to be less busy doing everything so you have more time to have date nights with your partner/friends, more time to say YES when the kids ask you to play road hockey or build Lego ice princess castles (at our house, anyway), more time for outings, etc. Divide up the chores/tasks that need to be done. Hammering out a plan together makes everyone feel excited and empowered. 4. Turn off the television. This is NOT quality time with your kids/partner and contrary to popular belief, it's not "down" time for you. It's numbing. Real down time is spent with intention - reading a great book, meditating/prayer, journaling, gardening...things that make you feel purposeful and PRESENT. 5. Stop scrolling - see rationale above for tv :) 6. Get to bed by 10-11pm. You'll experience more restorative sleep and wake more rested. Sleep is more important than we give it credit for. When we are well-rested, we have more patience & concentration, we make less mistakes, we keep weight off easier and have less cravings, we get sick less, we are more sociable...I could go on for days here! We are all on a journey. Remember, aim for progress, not perfection. Start taking control of your time now and watch what unfolds. Say YES to YOURSELF and know your worth. Aim to find joy and fun and community and meaning!


Want to journal but don't have the time? Want to level-up your game with AMAZING resources? Here are some of our favourties! Click HERE to start your 5-Day journey with Rock Your Biz! Sign up TODAY! Books/Audiobooks Motivation Manifesto - Brendon Burchard High Performance Habits - Brendon Burchard Imagine Big -  Terri Savelle Foy Girl, Wash Your Face - Rachel Hollis How to Win Friends & Influence People - Dale Carnegie Start with Why - Simon Sinke The Gifts of Imperfection - Brene Brown Daring Greatly - Brene Brown Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill Do Less - Kate Northrup Radical Remission - Kelly A. Turner You are a Badass - Jen Sincero Podcasts Goal Digger - Jenna Kutcher Rise Podcast - Rachel Hollis Ed Mylett Show Jay Shetty The Brendon Show The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast Online Marketing Made Easy - Amy Porterfield Unshakeable - Tony Robbins Happy listening! Let me know what one is your favourite, I'd love to know!


Maybe you are into in-depth journaling...amazing! Here are some questions to really get you going! Asking the right questions is key! Overcoming roadblocks, to success, to creating self-awareness and to live with greater intention. No more winging it and believe me, I used to be the QUEEN of winging it. When we are truly aware of what is important to us, we start to live in alignment with our truth and values. We become less chaotic, cluttered and bitter. We experience more joy, energy and satisfaction. We all just need to SLOW DOWN. Here are some prompts to trigger some great inner dialogue – so grab a tea (okay, let’s be real – you’re going to need wine for this exercise) so...grab a tasty beverage, find a quiet spot (have fun with could be the kids' treehouse a spot on the grass, the bathtub or even a closet will do) and get down to work! EASY & EFFECTIVE JOURNALING PROMPTS Do you use being busy to define yourself/ your worth? Do you often tell others you’re too busy? What does “too busy” feel like in your mind & body? Where do you feel it? How does it show up? What types of things make you feel like you’re taking time for yourself? What do you miss out on when you neglect to take time for yourself? What activities make you feel too busy? For each activity, write down why you do it if it’s necessary that YOU do it (ie. it brings you joy, aligns with your highest values, etc) and what would happen if you didn’t do it: Who would you be if you created more time for yourself? Who would notice? What steps will you take to create more time for yourself by next week? What will you do? Click HERE to find out more! Click HERE to find out more! Did you know that we offer guided coaching journals?! Check them out here on ETSY! JOURNALING FOR SELF-AWARENESS JOURNALING FOR INSPIRATION JOURNALING FOR GIRLS


Want to appear like the most confident person in the room but not quite sure how? Learn how with these simple hacks and go from good to great! Are you feeling CHARGED?...not with a speeding ticket or other scandalous but potentially interesting crime...I mean are you charged up? Are you excited about your life – your family, your work, your friends, your hobbies? Do you slow down long enough to actually think about these moving parts that make up your life? When you do think about them, do you feel charged up or do you feel....comfortable? The opposite of feeling charged is feeling complacent, comfortable, safe... Take a moment to check-in with yourself and determine where you are on the scale of complacent vs charged? Maybe you've been living without charge for a REALLY long time and you aren't even sure what "charged" feels like? Charged goes a little something like this (in my opinion) - excitedly nervous
- joyfully uncertain
- cautiously optimistic
- free and a little wild (in a good way)! Want to know how you can level up your business in just 5 DAYS?! Click HERE to find out! Click HERE to level up your business! If this doesn't resonate with you, here are some ideas to supercharge your outlook! Do something you've been putting off that you know you really want to do - make that call, book that trip, enroll in that course, ask that person out on a date! Start a conversation with someone you really look up to. Take it one step further, you amazing human, and ask them out for coffee! Enroll in a new activity that you think you could never do - from skiing to running a 5k to extreme something that scares or challenges you! Book a trip. This one every it right away, before you talk yourself out. Spark up a convo with a stranger on a bus/metro/sidewalk/park bench... Offer your biz card to someone you've wanted to SERVE for a while but have been afraid to share with! Are you getting the idea here?

I make a goal every single week to engage in something out of my ordinary to shake things up and shift my perspective (no pun intended). This practice keeps me engaged and creative along with improving your confidence, interpersonal skills, energy level and even your outlook on life! I feel uncomfortable A LOT...but I do it anyway. I challenge you to do the same!


We all have quirks that set us apart from are my favourites! 1. CHOOSE TO BE REAL OVER BEING PERFECT Others aren't impressed or interested in your attempt to be perfect, in fact, you become infinitely more relatable, interesting and approachable when you let your imperfections show! Taking the pressure off allows you to relax and be confident in who you are and makes you more likeable. 2. LIFE OTHERS UP Build others up and bring them along for the ride. Edifying your peers makes them feel secure and positive in your presence. Highting their positive traits and putting others in the spotlight rather than yourself strengthens relationships and makes everyone feel confident! Remember, a rising tide lifts all the boats in the harbour. 3. BE SELF-AWARE Being aware of how your thoughts, words and actions affect others can have a dramatic impact on how confident you feel in a crowd. Are you able to make others feel awesome in your presence? If so, you're killing it! If not, no worries, do the work and learn the things about yourself you need to level-up (which means staying open to constructive feedback). Avoid speaking negatively about yourself or others. Nothing robs you of confidence and credibility faster and you won't show up as your best self regardless of the situation you are in. 4. STAY HUNGRY FOR SELF-IMPROVEMENT Own your need for constant self-improvement and get excited about growing in new directions. Your commitment to yourself will show others that you are teachable and help you to take responsibility for your own success! Become comfortable leveling-up! Want to know how you can level up your business in 5 DAYS? Click HERE! Click HERE to find out more! 5. SAY NO MORE OFTEN Stop feeling the need to please others - your worth is not tied up in others' opinions of you. Simply, stop this. Saying yes to everything and then feeling bitter or flustered when you realize that you can't keep your commitments AND maintain your sanity, creates more stress and discomfort than saying no in the first place. You must say no to the wrong things so you can say yes to the right ones. You can’t do it all so please stop trying. Saying no to others is ultimately saying yes to yourself and to what matters most to you. You'll end up feeling more confident and focused and less overwhelmed. 6. ASK FOR HELP Learn how to gracefully receive it. Be the example. No one who really excels at life does it all on their own. Asking for and accepting assistance allows your confidence to shine while influencing others in a positive way. 7. FEEL THE FEAR & DO IT ANYWAY Feel the fear and honour it, just don’t let it stop you. The only thing holding you back from the life of your dreams is YOU. Whatever it is that you fear - fear of judgment, fear of the journey, fear of failure...or even fear of success, you can’t let fear control your actions. Taking ACTION kills fear and makes your CONFIDENCE SOAR! Be patient. Practice. It takes time. 8. REMEMBER THAT IT'S BETTER TO BE KIND THA IT IS TO BE RIGHT Own your need for constant self-improvement and get excited about growing in new directions. Your commitment to yourself will show others that you are teachable and help you to take responsibility for your own success! Become comfortable levelling-up!


Stop trying hard to impress - this does not foster trust. Check out this simple, effective & honest approach and watch your biz & personal life soar. The Biggest Secret to Earning Others' Trust: Keep it simple. Aim to create friends, not customers. Stop working so hard to earn the trust of other people - trying too hard sets people off...they can smell your tactics coming! Don't do it! Trust is something that truly must be earned, but you can certainly expedite the process with the right approach. Here's a short, simple strategy to change your relationships....ready, friends? Stop working so hard to earn the trust of other people - trying to hard sets people off...they can smell your tactics coming! Don't do it! Trust is something that truly must be earned, but you can certainly expedite the process with the right approach. Click HERE to find out more! Click HERE to find out more! Keep it simple. Aim to create friends, not customers. Now you’re the real deal, try this simple, yet magical approach: Be authentic. Be yourself. Be transparent. Be imperfect. Be more interested in others and what makes them tick than you are about your product or yourself. These qualities set you apart from most other people out there striving to “impress” others - you’re just being REAL and relatable. Thank goodness... How refreshing! Simple yet true. People who lead with a genuine dose of confidence and self-awareness (not to be confused with arrogance, which is a gross quality if you ask me!) reach those around them on an emotional level, building trust, connection and relationship WAY FASTER than others do. Keep it simple. Aim to create friends, not customers.


Stop trying hard to impress - this does not foster trust. Check out this simple, effective & honest approach and watch your biz & personal life soar. Learn more about our FREE 5 day course HERE! Join the Tribe TODAY! 10 Things you might not know about children with Entrepreneur Parents: They grow up observing a leadership culture. That may be all they know, which is great! They learn how to take ownership of their work & learn the consequences of not completing things... 9am-5pm (or 7am-7pm, these days) isn’t demonstrated as the “only way”. They become aware of a world full of options. They have the privilege of having mom/dad on school trips, at bus time, and home on sick-days. They learn autonomy quickly. Sometimes they have to entertain themselves if you are working to a deadline. Take them on a coffee date with you to do their workbook or read while you do your work! They, if you include them, become a part of family goal-setting. They observe that you need to spend money to make money as a business owner. They are absolutely fine in every way and often developing big aspirations! They see the value of hard work and work ethic. They learn how to take ownership of their work & learn the consequences of not completing things...

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