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It's time to step into your greatness. So many visionaries just like you hide behind their business. We focus on personal growth and combine it with creating a strong online presence so your prospects can find YOU (not the other way around). Shift & accelerate programs include Facebook ads, funnels, sales pages, email automation, online challenges, digital courses & memberships. We thrive helping emerging entrepreneurs gain traction.


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online women's


Shift retreats offer a safe, accepting & vibrant space for women to face their fears in community. Owning our stories helps us to realize just how similar we are & removes us from the darkness. Shift retreats are smaller & more intimate in nature, allowing us to dig deep with a feeling of support and safety & to find our tribe. Please contact us to book your corporate or private women's retreat.


high performance


We offer private coaching for professional growth. We focus on high-performance habits and clarity and push you hard! Our dedicated coaching clients experience massive breakthrough, taking their business to the next level. We work together to literally re-wire your mindset, leaving no more room for limiting beliefs. You'll feel a strong sense of certainty, purpose, vision and confidence by focusing on techniques that strengthen neural pathways driving success at levels you've never imagined.

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