Open yourself to new opportunities, ideas & relationships. Heal, grow, be challenged & triumph! Reclaim your strength, pick up the pieces and find your courage to design the life you dream of.


It is time for you.


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Shift retreats offer a safe, accepting & vibrant space for women to face their fears in community. Owning our stories helps us to realize just how similar we are & removes us from the darkness. Shift retreats are smaller & more intimate in nature, allowing us to dig deep with a feeling of support and safety & to find our tribe.







Level up in comfort & at your own pace.

Various programs are offered throughout the year to help you accelerate your business, build your confidence & learn to develop the habits associated with a high level of success. 



We design workshops with you in mind! We tackle real issues in a real, unfiltered way, facilitating conversation and collaboration & ALWAYS encourage you to develop a deep sense of community. We do everything from parenting, relationships, business, mindset & more...find your tribe here.



This VIP experience is designed for women in leadership. We dig into the hard topics, we navigate the world of online presence, marketing, impact & connection! This group of women are going to change the WORLD!

This is an intimate mastermind environment, truly focused on helping one another to grow their business & share their truth.

Accountability, strategy, mindset & implementation are all key aspects of this tribe.

Your VIP Membership:

  • monthly training symposium & networking

  • bi-weekly short zoom challenge calls

  • 2 private transformation coaching sessions

  • ticket to a 2020 women's retreat

  • Shift coaching journal

  • private fb group

Accelerate your biz growth THIS year.



We offer both private and group coaching. Our dedicated coaching clients experience massive breakthrough. We work together to literally re-wire your mindset, leaving no more room for limiting beliefs. Strengthen your resolve, vision and confidence by focusing on techniques that strengthen neural pathways that will drive success at levels you've never imagined.

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