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Soulpreneur Circle

A 16-Week Heart-Centered Online Women’s Mastermind Intensive to Awaken, Evolve + Create Momentum, Impact and Confidence. Soulpreneur Circle is a transformative journey that will leave you focused, centered and feeling powerful. This program is not exclusive to entrepreneurs, but because of its holistic nature it will radically support business growth. 


There’s no “method” or “system” here. Instead, we’re going to commit to normalizing our worth through a guided journey inward that will impact every area of your life (and business, if you’re an entrepreneur).


Nourish new relationships and calm your nervous system. Engage in habits that will actually work to help you transform and SHIFT how you feel about yourself. Access the freedom that's always been available to you but which you've had a hard time grasping. 


I know the key to unlocking freedom and I’m ready to share it with a small, select group of women who are ready.

The transformation begins January 22, 2024

Bi-Weekly on Mondays 10am - 12pm


 EXPLORE your deeply ingrained patterns and beliefs and be ready to be liberated. Learn to love all parts of yourself with great devotion. Unlock the confidence you’re designed to lead with.


Align with self and one another. This mastermind is where your people are at. Get grounded, informed and motivated to integrate your internal guidance and divine intuition with your actions. Evolve beyond your own limitations and tap into your higher self.

Together at the Top
Hiking Friends
Women Holding Hands


Create a vision and execute. In this final phase you’ll be empowered to stand in the embodiment of your brilliance and sense of self to create an impactful + abundant life you LOVE. Set the stage for lasting change and immeasurable + deeply aligned impact.

This is your call

Doing the work alongside others and having a trusted guide will take the work you’ve already done to a deeper level. This is the safe, supportive + intimate container you’ve been looking for. Soulpreneur Circle will make the inner development work you may already be doing, far more accessible as a daily practice. Connecting with a community on this awakening path feels more like a collaboration and not an isolated journey.


Whether you’re seeking an overall state of relaxed well-being with like-minded community, personal growth or grounded business development, Soulpreneur Circle will impact.

Meet Your Guide.

Hi, I’m Jenne - the creator of a life and business I LOVE. I operate with an unparalleled sense of freedom and I finally feel like I have the know-how and insight to help others to do the same.


As a conscious entrepreneur of 20 years and transformation guide, I’ve helped hundreds of bright souls transform fear into courage to make the impact of their dreams. 


Those closest to me say that I’ve experienced more life in 43 years than most people do in a hundred years… I have to agree and feel humbled by extraordinary opportunities which have both left me elated and brought me to my knees, which produced radical shifts in myself and subsequently those around me.


The journey inward is the highest calling.


In early 2017, I experienced a profound awakening and path to freedom through my experience surviving a life-threatening illness that brought me to my knees - every single day. I shed labels and expectations (overnight) and peeled back the layers to right down to live with the raw sense of freedom I now call home. I learned to reclaim my truth and the purpose of my soul. 


My passion and purpose is to awaken others to freedom in embracing our unique design and collective destiny. Because, when we shine our lights together, we raise the vibration for all.

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