Ever think that telling your story bores others? That it feels whiny, self-indulgent, boastful? Perspective is everything!

Your Story Matters.

Knowing and sharing your story can be a powerful tool for both personal growth and for helping others connect with their own story…I don’t mean sharing the pain points of your life over and over with anyone who is willing to listen, but with the intention of developing deep meaning and connection. Many of us were taught as kids, not to “complain” about our stories – to be tough, to not speak about the "bad" things. What if we spoke about them with a purpose to seek deeper meaning and understanding?

While I’m all for moving forward and not going on like a broken record about your past (please be aware of social cues that indicate you’ve gone too far with your share – eye rolling, people slowly backing away, people taking fake phone calls...people running and screaming…you know, just the usual), sharing parts of your story with those going through similar things can be an awesome way to relate and connect…provided we first listen.

So, I ask you, friend, what is YOUR story?

Knowing your story and how to articulate is can help you to take back your power of the things about it that maybe you’ve allowed to define you. If this resonates with you and sounds like the permission you have been unknowingly looking for to let it all out – take it and run with it like you’re on fire!

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Gimme the DETAILS!

A few ideas to start connecting with your story:


Who has been one of the greatest influences in your life?

What about this person influenced you the most?

What qualities did this person embody?

What qualities about this person do you aspire to?


What is one of your favourite memories as a child?

Why do you remember it so fondly?

Do you make the space to do things like this now?

How do you feel when you do things like this?

How do you feel (what does it cost you) when you don’t do things like this?


Who did you seek attention from most as a child?

How did that person make you feel?

Who did you want to be for that person?

How did this shape your character?

What parts of your character still reflect this part of your story?


What has been the most challenging situation to overcome in your life?

Have you done the hard work to truly overcome this event?

What about it was/is holding you back?

What does life look like to no longer identify with this event?

Do you define yourself by this event?

WHO are you, without it?

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