Meet Jenne

Personally... I live in the beautiful countryside of Ontario, Canada. I'm married to Gil, who is my rock, my rational mind, my biggest supporter & a powerhouse dad to our 4 hilarious, emotionally intelligent, rock-star kids. We are animal freaks & think our dog is an actual human...


My mindset is a constant work-in-progress strengthened by constantly adjusting my sails. I squeeze every drop out of life & always have - I move fast & leave no stone un-turned. Persistence is one of my greatest gifts.


I have a family of friends whom I adore. I know who I am and have had to learn the hard way to know who I am not. I seek deep connection, fall hard & laugh wildly. I thrive in high energy situations but love the stillness of the morning and covet time alone.


I am a recovering fixer of all things, graduated to fire-starter. I am almost always towing the line of deep discomfort to push myself and others to grow & evolve. I love both comfort & fancy and I'mm an empathetic bad-ass. I love people hard. 


Professionally... I am an educator at heart, but I've had to find my voice. I've learned the power of serving others with great care by being direct & challenging growth. I don't believe that everything happens for a reason, but do believe there is purpose in every struggle & value it as a necessary process of refinement.

I know what it takes to create a life that you're crazy about & how to bridge from a conventional lifestyle to a passionate existence. I thrive on helping others get there.


I have successfully stepped away from a high-stress, high-paying corporate job & conventional lifestyle to reach for my best life & help others do the same. Realizing my potential through working with coaches, mentors & counselors, along with traveling the world in pursuit of personal development & leadership training has given me the tools to support others. I operate with a sense of gratitude & joy that attracts & energizes others. 




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Phillip - Business Partner and Shift Collective Co-Founder



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Personally... I live in the growing city of Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. When I was growing up I couldn’t take my eyes off Lisa, my next door neighbour, so I decided to marry her (with her permission, of course)! She is the most beautiful & hard working woman I know. We have been married for 40 years (that can’t be possible – we’re still kids!). Together, we raised the best daughters in the world who married the best sons-in-law in the world. They produced grandchildren who, for the life of me, I cannot stop hugging and kissing.

I have a natural curiosity about people and am intrigued by their stories. All my life, even as a kid, people would share with me things that they had never shared with anyone else. I recall several years ago, a woman opening her heart to me about some recent events that had transpired in her life. We were in a casual setting, standing in a living room, with others milling about, when in the middle of our conversation, she suddenly stopped, looked me square in the face and said; “Where did you learn to listen like that?!” It made me laugh out loud! I realized from that point on that listening is an art and those that do it well have made a conscious decision to do so. One of the greatest gifts you can give to another person is to show them that who they are matters & that what they are expressing is the only thing that matters in that moment.


Professionally... As a minister, I have been a public speaker and communicator for over 35 years. I have had the privilege of speaking at conferences, seminars, staff settings and one-on-one. I love sharing life-changing principles with others. When I encounter truths that move me, my first response is; “who can I ‘gift’ this to?!” My style of communicating is to never come through the front door with an idea but to always climb through a side window...

I have a passion to help people discover their purpose in life and their unique design. And I don’t stop there - I also come alongside as a partner and guide; to walk with them as they see their goals fulfilled. My experience as an addictions counselor gave me a thirst to better understand the pitfalls that take people out and conversely the path of not just living life, but thriving in an abundant life. I get absolutely buzzed when people succeed and accomplish the life goals they’ve set for themselves!

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